Registration Form & Fellowship Information

Fellowship Information

• With submission of an abstract you can apply for a fellowship if you are under 35 years and work as MD, PhD or post doc.
• a limited number of fellowships will be granted at June, 15th, after the  Postersession Part III.
• The fellowship covers the travel expenses (limited to €250 p.p.) and accommodation (limited to € 100 p.p. per night) during the conference for two nights.
• To obtain one of the available fellowships please register for a regular conference participation (price: € 120) and at the same time submit your abstract online for the poster session to May 2, 2023.
• To receive reimbursement after the conference the fellowship owner will be asked to forward the original invoices to the conference secretary for their travel and accommodation expenses.

Registration Information

Please be aware all conference participants (except for invited speakers and guests of the German Cancer Aid) are responsible to book their own accommodation arrangements.

For poster printing please check the “Guidelines & information for submission of abstracts and posters”.

During the conference, the organising committee will select those posters that are awarded for the poster prize and announce the results at the final day of the conference.

Registration Fee

Attention: The number of participants is limited to 230 persons! 

€ 120 - Registration until April 30, 2023  
€ 145 - Registration from May 1, 2023   

The registration fee covers participation, drinks and meals during the conference.

After you register, you will receive a confirmation and an invoice that have to be paid within the next two weeks.

Accommodation is not included in the registration fee and has to be booked individually.

Cancellation policy for your participation/registration:
Cancellation until May 15, 2023 - no payment (the registration fee will be reimbursed).
Cancellation after May 15, 2023 - full payment of the registration fee (the registration fee will not be reimbursed).
Please do not forget to bring the confirmation on the first day to register for the conference!